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wild_photos's Journal

'Where I Live Day' photographs
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All Members
Discover the real life world, by sharing photographs of where we live.
Want to show the world the glories of your hometown?
Anxious to impress everyone with your photographic prowess?
Need an excuse to picspam?

Then welcome to Where I Live Day.

The Plan
On December 4th 2005, members posted pictures of their local areas, then took the opportunity to admire everyone else's neighbourhood. Dead simple! We've done it again a few times since. In the meantime, if you are interested in a good look at real life all over the world, feel free to join us.

The Rules
1. If you want to join, click on the link at the top of the page. Your application will be approved as soon as possible.
2. The community is locked to protect posters' privacy. All entries are friends-locked automatically.
3. However, if you want to post your pictures on your own journal, feel free to cross-post or to post a link.
1. Please try to post in the 'posting window'.
2. We're suggesting that you post ten to fifteen pictures, but feel free to share more or fewer as the photographic muse strikes!
3. Short of inspiration? You might want to try some of these subjects

- a park/garden/nearby greenery/desert
- an interesting bit of architecture/building/sculpture
- a picture of the busiest area near you (shopping mall, street, campus, etc.)
- arty skyline/sky view (nice blue sky, sunset, sunrise, tops of buildings)
- any pic to show current weather (puddles, sunshine, etc.)
- most colourful place you can find (could be a car park ...)
- most drab place you can find (could be a car park ...)

Or you could take pictures of your street. Or maybe somewhere secret that only you know about. Er, if you don't mind sharing it with the whole internet :)

Hints and Tips
If you don't have a digital camera, you could take print pictures and scan them in - you can often get film developed onto CD too.

If you don't have a camera at all, you could scan in postcards or search for pictures on other sites - just give credit to the original photographer.

New to posting images? You can do it easily in Livejournal or by uploading the images to a host like Photobucket or Flickr. These sites provide you with link codes that you then paste into your 'update LJ' dialog box. Paid LJ users have it even easier: you can use the 'insert' menu in the Update LJ page to upload a file from your computer to your LJ photo album.

We look forward to the next posting window when we will welcome friends old and hew.