June 12th, 2010


Confirmation of New Where I Live Weekend.

There is certainly enough interest in doing this again - and the dates seem to suit most people, so July 10th and 11th it is.

Usual things -

1. Either post to the community or post on your journal and put a link here.
2. Anything from 5 - 20 pics - although if you only have one, or can't get down below 21, we won't throw you out :~)
3. Posting a day or two early, or late, if your off-line commitments make the weekend difficult is acceptable - but the more who post on the actual days, the more fun it is.
4. Post behind a cut.
5. The community is locked to protect the privacy of the participants - please apply for membership if you want to join in.

And finally;

Please pimp this on your journals and see if we can get some new people involved... and remind a few more previous participants.
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