Confirmation of New Where I Live Weekend.

There is certainly enough interest in doing this again - and the dates seem to suit most people, so July 10th and 11th it is.

Usual things -

1. Either post to the community or post on your journal and put a link here.
2. Anything from 5 - 20 pics - although if you only have one, or can't get down below 21, we won't throw you out :~)
3. Posting a day or two early, or late, if your off-line commitments make the weekend difficult is acceptable - but the more who post on the actual days, the more fun it is.
4. Post behind a cut.
5. The community is locked to protect the privacy of the participants - please apply for membership if you want to join in.

And finally;

Please pimp this on your journals and see if we can get some new people involved... and remind a few more previous participants.
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Season of mists...

I live in a small town in Warwickshire called Kenilworth, a rather ordinary place with a spectacular castle which I've posted about before. So this time I'm going for some slightly more mundane stuff.

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Kenilworth is a discrete town - Coventry is all of five miles away, with a very different "personality".

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Thanks to everyone who has shared pics of their home areas this weekend - I really enjoy seeing something of where you all live. And thanks to curiouswombat for maintaining the comm.
notes from a small island

Welcome to this Community

This is the community established for the first Live Journal Where I Live Day in 2005.

So many people were interested in where their friends lived, whether it was in another town in their own country or half way across the world that we decided to have a day for posting pictures.

It soon grew into a community where everyone could make those posts and all of us could go on a guided world tour without leaving home. Seeing the posts coming in from all over on the chosen day was quite fascinating.

The community is a locked community to enable people to feel comfortable posting pictures without worries about who might see them, but we welcome anyone who has an active Live Journal.

As a member you can have a little peak into life all over the place - major cities, small villages, North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand were all represented in the 2005 Where I Live Day posts.

Where I Live for 2007 is taking place on the 4th and 5th of August.
frimfram square


Want to show the world the glories of your hometown?
Anxious to impress everyone with your photographic prowess?
Need an excuse to picspam?

Then welcome to Where I Live Day.

The Plan
On December 4th, members will post pictures of their local areas, then take the opportunity to admire everyone else's neighbourhood. Dead simple!

The Rules

1. If you want to join, click on this link. Your application will be approved as soon as possible.
2. The community is locked to protect posters' privacy. All entries (apart from this one) are friendslocked automatically.
3. However, if you want to post your pictures on your own journal, feel free to cross-post or to post a link.

1. Please try to post on December 4th.
2. We're suggesting that you post around fifteen pictures, but feel free to share more or fewer as the photographic muse strikes!
3. Please put all your pictures under an lj-cut.
4. Short of inspiration? You might want to try some of these subjects - suggested by lmbossy:

- a park/garden/nearby greenery/desert
- an interesting bit of architecture/building/sculpture
- a picture of the busiest area near you (shopping mall, street, campus, etc.)
- arty skyline/sky view (nice blue sky, sunset, sunrise, tops of buildings)
- any pic to show current weather (puddles, sunshine, etc.)
- most colourful place you can find (could be a car park ...)
- most drab place you can find (could be a car park ...)

Or you could take pictures of holiday decorations. Or maybe somewhere secret that only you know about. Er, if you don't mind sharing it with the whole internet :)

Hints and Tips
If you don't have a digital camera, you could take print pictures and scan them in - you can often get film developed onto CD too.

If you don't have a camera at all, you could scan in postcards or search for pictures on other sites - just give credit to the original photographer.

New to posting images? You can do it easily in Livejournal by uploading the images to a host like Photobucket or Imageshack. These sites provide you with link codes that you then paste into your 'update LJ' dialog box. Paid LJ users have it even easier: you can use the 'insert' menu in the Update LJ page to upload a file from your computer to your LJ photo album.

Welcome to the community!
ETA: New members please refer to this post.